Fish Dehooker – By The FISH DOCKTOR ®

Whether you are fly fishing, deep sea fishing, or just taking your rod and reel down to your local river to see what you can catch, removing the hook  is a basic skill that all fishermen need to have. FISH DOCKTOR ® Handles make taking the hook out of your catch easy and mess-free with our all-in-one fish dehooker tool.


How To Use The Dehooker Tool

1. Hold line about 14” from fish
2. Run handle along line (with sharp end pointed) up and away from you to the fish hook.
3. Pull line very tight between both hands
4. Rotate both hands with a slight“flick of the wrist” action clockwise (away from you)
5. Fish will flip back into the water.

Fish can be returned quickly to the water without ever being touched
no need to shake him violently or bang your needle nose pliers against
the gunnels to get the fish off the hook.

A Clean Catch and Release

The ultimate goal of catch and release fishing is to return your catch back to the water so it can live out its life and reproduce. If you harm the fish in such a way that it is injured and dies shortly after the release, you have missed the goal. One essential element of safely returning a fish to the water is to remove the hook from the mouth of the fish. After you quickly take your photo with the FISH DOCKTOR ® Handles that enable you to hold the fish without touching it, you will need to quickly remove the hook and return the fish to the water before the fish dies. You also need to remove the hook smoothly so that the mouth is not ripped or torn in any way. FISH DOCKTOR ®  Handles are the perfect tool to remove hooks quickly, smoothly, and without harming the fish.


How it Works

To dehook a fish using the FISH DOCKTOR ® Handles, you simply hold the line taut and place the point of the FISH DOCKTOR ®  Handle through the hook and flip! With a flick of your wrist, the fish will be off the hook and back in the water! If you are taking the fish home to eat, just flip the fish onto the grass or into your ice bucket; your fish will be neatly de-hooked.

This handy tool belongs in every tackle box and makes a great gift for the angler in your life! Order yours today!