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FISH DOCKTOR ® Handles are the best, hands free, no touch, fish tool in the world! Our tool has many uses when you are out fishing, from holding a fish that weighs up to 35 pounds, to using it as a fish gaff to avoid touching it. But the main purpose behind our product is that it allows you to take amazing fish pictures of your catch without getting stuck by your fish! This prevents the fishermen from contracting many different bacterial infections and keeps fishing fun, safe, and hands free!

Our hands free tool was developed for two reasons by Captain JB; it provides safe fish handling from stabs and bacteria, and amazing fish pictures. FISH DOCKTOR ® HANDLES were developed as the best way to display your catch for classic fish photos while ensuring the fishermen’s safety. There is no other tool on the market available today offering these features. Our tool allows the fish and the angler to be all that is seen in the photo. Your catch appears as it looks in nature,no gaffs & hands to spoil the shot. No more gaping mouth bass or distorted bodies. Our tool also prevents the fish from being harmed as with other traditional handling of fish and provides a safe catch and release system, ensuring no negative impact to the fish from human skin oils and damage from handling the fish. This system is protected by a US patent.


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