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Uploads from Kelly Young

Uploads from Kelly Young

Yellow Eye SNAPPER Caught on Electric Reel {Catch, Clean and Cooked Whole} Key West Style

3 EPIC Turkey Hunts {Catch Clean Cook} Turkey Nuggets!

ROAD TRIP! 4Wheelers, Fishing & Playing By Pond

This Fish BROKE My SPEAR in Half!!! {Key West} Spearfishing

Crawdad Traps | Fish Hatchery | Sturgeon Fishing

MONSTER STURGEON! {Catch & Cook} Oregon

Surf, Donuts & Spearfishing off the Beach {Catch & Cook Unicorn Fish} Hawaii

I should NOT have landed this fish… HUGE Yellowfin Tuna!

I Found Humans SURVIVING on Boat in the Middle of the Ocean...

Jigging for Nylon Snapper (Catch & Cook) Punta Aritda, Colombia!

How to Catch Sand Fleas, Sharks Teeth and Some Bad News..

Staying in the most REMOTE Lodge in Colombia! (Tuna Fishing was INSANE)

Trapping PRAWNS in Clear Water CREEK! **With a Surprise Catch**

Clock is Ticking… Can I catch this fish before the time Runs OUT! (Sailfish Tournament)

Crazy Looking EEL Fish Caught in 600 Feet of Water! Cleaned & Cooked 👏🏼

We Traveled over 1,000 Miles to get to THIS Fishing Spot!

Hand Catching 12 Foot Python in the Wild & Fish Fry off the AIRBOAT (Everglades)

Rainforest, Romance & Indulging in Café Cocoa!! (La Fortuna Costa Rica)

How to Catch, Clean and Cook Caribbean Conch! (Conch Pancake Fritters)

Lightning Storms, 25+ Knot Winds & Good Company! (Stuck in the Harbor)

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