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Uploads from Kelly Young

Uploads from Kelly Young

What did we CATCH in The Swamp of Jamaica? #part2

What did we CATCH in The Swamp of Jamaica? #part1

Taking Finley to the Beach.. and My Chickens?? *Vlog*

Spearing & Catching *CRAYFISH* Swimming River at Night! (Coconut Curry)

Would you jump? #bridgejumping #kellyyoung

BAHAMAS Spearfishing Reefs & Wrecks in CLEAR WATER (Hogfish Catch & Cook)

Primitive Spearing Hogfish & Venomous Lion Fish (Catch, Clean & Cook) Bahamas!

1 Hour Mission to Spear Lunch {OFF A JETSKI} Catch, Clean & Cook

Chasing Waterfalls, Wild Coffee Plants & Comuna 13 (Pablo Escobar) Travel Vlog!

Getting a Root Canal in Another Country… *Travel Vlog Cane Pole Fishing, CCC*

Big CRAB in Pool!! Watch out Finley!! 🦀😆😳 #crabs #landcrab #kellyyoung #shorts

Explosion while Snorkeling off Navy Island! *Calico Bass CCC*

This Alpaca is following me… 😳 #shorts #kellyyoung #animals #islandkey

SPEARING a ONCE in a LIFETIME 191lb Blue Fin Tuna!!!

Catching a WINNING $7500 Dollar Fish, The Blue Marlin!

Kayaking with the NEW rig!! {Scallops & Bonefish}

Which one do you pick? 1000’s of TUNA!!! #spearfishing #kellyyoung #shorts

Battling a Shark for Our Snapper Back! {catch, clean & cook} On a Beach In Belize

Raw, Unfiltered, Squalls, LOTS of Fish and a Happy Ending!

Catching a Monster Catfish in the Marina! *The Great Lakes*

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