Antique Yokahama Diving Co. Deep Sea Diving Suit

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Yokahama Diving Co. Maritime Dive Suit Helmet Boots & Chaps Rare Vintage Antique

Displayed in private NASA collection for 30 years.

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A Complete Antique with Helmet, Dive Suit, Boots, Weight Belt, Chaps and Original Crate
This style of Yokohama diving helmet and suit has an interesting connection to legendary American diver, Bob Kirby. In fact, this Yokohama diving suit and helmet is almost an exact copy of Bob Kirby’s beloved hat “Orville”. This Yokohama diving suit and helmet was manufactured in the 1970s.
In Bob Kirby’s book “Hard Hat Divers Wear Dresses”, published in 2002, he refers to this style of Yokohama diving helmet.
"I eventually constructed my gas and sixteen air hats, all adorned with a diamond nameplate reading: “R.Kirby, Commercial Helmets.” I initially built an air hat for myself, complete with bells and whistles. Someday I might be offered another diving job and, if I had my own hat, I would never have to dive another Mark V.My new hat, like all those that can after, was built on a Yokohama breastplate. I purchased these new for $250. My copper dome was spun by Hummel Sheet Metal in Santa Barbara. The completed helmet was just what I wanted; for the time being anyway.As a way of life, I would regularly change my mind and make modifications. Innovations came to me daily and often depended upon my mood. I hated the day-by-day manufacturing process – where the actual money is made. I preferred playing around with each new gimmick, tweaking it, turning it over, soldering on a fitting, and then adding air pressure.I had fun building my little air helmet and had no thought of actually selling it. Looking back I realize this was always a silly approach. I would make a helmet for myself, be forced to sell it, make another, sell it. Anyway, when I finished my first new hat I named it “Orville” in honor of the aviation pioneer, Orville Wright."
The Yokahama Diving Company had been in business for well over 100 years possibly as long as 120 years . The company, from Yokahama in Japan used designs similar to the American and English helmets. The Yokahama Diving Apparatus Company is sadly no longer in business.



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