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Uploads from Darcizzle Offshore

Uploads from Darcizzle Offshore

$5000 Reel Fishing 800 ft Deep & Caught a New Species! (Florida Keys Catch & Cook)

Girl Destroys Massive Saltwater Fish with Bow & Arrow!

100's of Mahi Found in the Florida Keys! How Many Fish Should You Keep?

This Is Why You Fish BIG BAITS Under Florida Keys Bridges!

Found a SECRET Florida Keys Canal & Caught This! (Catch n' Cook BBQ)

#1 Mistake To Avoid So You Don't Waste $100's of Dollars Fishing Like We Did!

160 Foot Underwater CLIFF! Girl Drops Baits on Florida's Biggest Ledge and Caught This!

$30 per lb!? Florida's Most Expensive Fish Explained (Catch & Cook)

Everyone Should Know THIS About E-Bikes...

Dropping Cut Squid 400 Feet Down and FILLED the Cooler! (Catch & Cook)

Unexpected! Giant Sea Creatures Caught on Camera (Whales, Turtles & Massive Fish)

Beach Fishing w/ Remote Control Surf Boat! Is This CHEATING?

Best How To Fillet a Cobia- Easy & Simple Fish Cleaning ft Fish Ribs

RECKLESS Yacht Captains Toss My Little Boat with Massive Waves!

Tossing Out Live Bait for Monster Cobia! (Fish Ribs Catch & Cook Video)

2 Hours of Non-Stop Action! The World's BEST Florida Wahoo Catch & Cook Fishing Videos

Guess the Weight of 40” Cobia Fish!

Tossing Tiny Bait On Florida Shoreline for Big Fish! (Catch & Cook)

World's Most Underrated Fish! DO NOT Throw This Back (Catch & Cook)

World's Most Prized Fish from the Beach! (Catch & Cook)

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